Policy Analysis: Define the Policy Problem

The “policy problem” is NOT obesity, so please do not frame your issue as responses to our nation’s obesity problem. Your focus must be on potential problems or issues with the proposed BMI screening policy as outlined in the policy scenario.tHIS IS THE VIDEO :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUD5kDaIJE0&feature=youtu.be Use the information in the scenario and supporting external sources to write defining the policy problem from the perspective of your own discipline. Keep in mind that your problem must be defined in ways that the use of public resources is authorized, makes sense, and is likely to be effective (see Bardach p. 2). Be sure to: Articulate the problem concisely and clearly Frame the problem as one for which a public policy solution is warranted, appropriate, and likely to be effective Avoid vagueness, generalities, rhetoric, and cliché Provide preliminary information about what evidence will likely be available to support your definition and interpretation of the problem