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Toni Morrison and THEODICY AND The struggle of BlackTheodicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please answer all the question you see!!!!!!

Hello Great Writes, its that time again School and classic have started back up.
So Im looking for so someone who is willing to go deeper than where you would normally go into your reading of the book or text. Like looking
looking at the world today in the Black Lives Matter Movement; and what about whats going on in the USA with the roles of the President seat? Whats going on in Haiti, then you can look all around the world in different HOSPITALS sick babies of all races. What I need to you see is where do God STANDS in good or bad WHEN PUAL D AND SETHE IS TALKING ABOUT SWEETHOME?? THEM ARE THE KIND OF QUSTIONING I NEED YOU LOOK FOR AND WRITE ABOUT PLEASE

I am a African American Female student thats studying biblical works, and GREAT SCHOLARS.

Course Description and Aim

This course focuses on Toni Morrisons novels and the PROBLEM of THEODICY.

a combination of two Greek words, theos
(God) and dik (justice)signifies ones denial or assertion of Gods existence. Those who assert that God exists wrestle with these questions: (A) Is God good if God allows evil? (B) Is God omnipotent (all-powerful) if God is unable to eradicate evil? (C) Is God omnipotent, good and tolerant of evil for the sake of a greater (eschatological) good?
Our aim is to aIDress yet another question: What do the historic injustices done to African Americans aID to theodiceal discussions? We focus on thatquestion in terms of Beloved, The Bluest Eye, and Paradise.I NEED AN ABSTRACT PAPER SUMMING UP 3 CHAPTERS ON ONE PAGES PAPER.

Toni Morrison: BELOVED: I need you to only on chapters ” She was crawling already THROUGH chapter Beloved is my sister. Then summary or an abstract paper on the Topic THEODICY

I want you to look at the women in the community when they came to I24, To pray for Sethe and Denver. Then look at what kind of evil was Paul D was possessed with? And the White Denver whom was she to Sethe and look at her being a running away as well. SO I NEED YOU TO THINK DEEPER THEN YOU WOULD ALL WAYS ON THIS PAPER.