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You have been hired as part of the networking team at UMUC. After completing orientation and training, your manager calls you into a meeting to discuss your first project.

The university has recently leased a building in Adelphi, Maryland. The building will house offices, classrooms, a library, and computer labs. Security is important for UMUC, as the university must protect students’ and employees’ data, as well as any intellectual property that UMUC has on its servers and computers. As a result, IT management would like to take the time to review proposals on how best to move forward on security issues. As a network engineer, you have been asked to prepare a network proposal on how to set up a secure network infrastructure in this building to support university operations.


You will provide a detailed network design proposal. Your task is to design the network for this new building with the following criteria:

  • Student-accessed computers should be on a separate network from the staff-accessed computers. In addition, computers for public use should be on a separate network. The open-WiFi network should also be on a separate network.
  • There must be a minimum of 40 Mbps Internet connection, with a backup line capable of at least 20 Mbps. Cable, DSL, or FIOS should not be used for primary Internet service.
  • The network has been assigned the network address for all computers and devices.

Your proposal will be submitted in three major parts:

  • Physical Network Design
  • Network Addressing
  • Network Services Design

To learn how you will be assessed on this assignment, take a moment to review the rubric. The final deliverable should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Include at least five scholarly references.
  • Use IEEE-style citations.
  • Use correct network terminology.
  • The use of diagrams is encouraged.

Use this template as a guide while creating your Network Design Proposal (Parts 1-3).

Physical Network Design

In this section, address each of the following.

  1. Define the topology that will be used.
  2. Select the appropriate network media.
  3. Select the appropriate network connecting devices, including network security devices.
  4. Select the appropriate computer systems to use to support the network design.
  5. Determine a physical layout of the computers on the floor plan, along with the network wires (network wiring diagram).
  6. Provide justifications for each element of your network design (numbers 1–4 above).

Network Addressing

In this section, address each of the following.

  1. Define the subnets (based on rooms, floor, department, or other criteria).
  2. For each subnet, explain which devices/groups/users/rooms will be on this subnet, and define the network address, subnet mask, and available IP addresses to be used by computers or devices.
  3. Show the calculations on how the subnet information is calculated.

Network Services Design

In this section, address each of the following.

  1. Identify network services needed.
  2. List additional servers or network devices needed to implement the network.
  3. List network security measures to be implemented.
  4. Justify the need for the network services, security measures, and devices you’ve selected.


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