platforms intervene

You were asked to read “Platforms Intervene


,” ”
All Writing is Multimodal


,” and “Composing for Recomposition (链接到外部网站。)” (stop reading at The D Brand). In at least 300 words, please respond here to the following prompt (you can just hit “reply” directly under this discussion):

Drawing from examples in the readings, in what ways do platforms and modes influence the way we read, write, and circulate (or recompose) communications? Be sure to also address:

  • What argument is the author(s) making (what is their main point or what do they want you to think or do)?
  • What are key concepts from the reading (keywords and their definitions according to the author(s)?
  • What is a key quote from the reading and what do you think it means?
  • How does this work inform either our current project or how you think about digital rhetoric–in other words, what is your take away from this reading?

Please Note: You only need to write one response that addresses both or one of the readings.