Planning for HIG Implementation

Purpose: To implement strategic level policies, processes and controls for healthcare information and decision making. **Action Items: **Read: Beth Haenke Just, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA; David Marc, MBS, CHDA; Megan Munns, RHIA; and Ryan Sandefer, MA, CPHIT. “Why Patient Matching Is a Challenge: Research on Master Patient Index (MPI) Data Discrepancies in Key Identifying Fields.” Perspectives in Health Information Management (Spring 2016): 1-20. PDF Attached. **Read: Davoudi, Sion; Dooling, Julie A; Glondys, Barbara; Jones, Theresa D.; Kadlec, Lesley; Overgaard, Shauna M; Ruben, Kerry; Wendicke, Annemarie. “Data Quality Management Model (2015 Update)” Journal of AHIMA 86, no.10 (October 2015). PDF Attached. **After reviewing the study on MPI discrepancies, write an executive summary (no more than 2 pages) that will be submitted to the CEO of a hospital. Be sure to include: Three to five (3-5) policy recommendations to mitigate the issues described in the study. Your recommendations should align with the data quality standards discussed in the “Data Quality Management Model”. *Include all citations and references in APA format. *Suggested Resource: How to Write an Executive Summary, WikiHow