physics experiment report writing 7 pages 1

“report_template_2019___2020” is just a template sample of how to write.. DO NOT copy any words from the template! its no use..

“experiment_4___field_plotting_1.pdf” is the explanation of the experiments + 2 electric fields experiments, those two are same type of experiment

regarding the blackboard picture: 1. is the picture of the parallel plate capacitor ; 2. is the picture of two parallel oppositely charged infinitely long wires.

Must write the introduction method result analysis and conclusion result to make the data into a table and then write the analysis.

In the pdf, there are two experiments that need to write step by step from intro > method > results > analysis > conclusion

in the part of results, you have to attach the blackboard picture and r1r2’s data and then make it into the table to analyze.

for the r1r2, I don’t have the measurement data, so you can only write according to the pdf and the picture that I send to make it up..

write it as clear as possible like how template does!

Do not copy or plagiarized(will be check by Turnitin)

7 pages load/approximately 2000 words of the report