Philosophy-Ethics Academic Essay

Now that you’ve had a chance to write an initial response to Nozick’s Experience Machine thought-experiment and have read the posts and replies of your classmates, it’s time to go a little more in-depth. Please explain as fully as you can why you believe it is that most people say they would not hook up to the Experience Machine for life. What does this thought-experiment show about what we value as human beings? Did anyone say anything that changed your initial impression or that you particularly disagreed with? Please make at least two specific references to the posts of your colleagues. It is strongly urged that you examine the “Guidelines for Written Assignments” and Grading Rubric before writing your submission. (200 Word Minimum)

On page 293 in your “Great Traditions” text Kurt Baier is quoted as saying that “The very [reason for the existence] of a morality is to yield reasons which overrule the reasons of self-interest in those cases when everyone’s following self-interest would be harmful to everyone. Hence moral reasons are superior to all others.” What does this mean? Do your best to explain this quotation by referring specifically to other things Baier says in this chapter. Note: It is not necessary to repeat the above quotation in your response. Doing so will not count towards the 200 word minimum! =) And again, you are strongly urged to view the “Guidelines for Written Assignments” and the Grading Rubric prior to writing your answer. (200 Word Minimum)

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