Philosophy Argument reconstruction

Write a paper where you reconstruct one of the arguments below. Your paper should: a) Begin with a brief summary of the argument. b) Reconstruct the argument into standard form: make sure your reconstruction is valid. Academic Source required c) For each line in your argument, note whether it is a premise or a conclusion. If it is a conclusion, indicate which premises it follows from. d) Give a brief defense of each premise. You should aim for your defense for each premise to be a paragraph of text in length. e) Have a brief concluding paragraph where you consider which premise an opponent of this argument would try to deny. MILL ON NAMES: “Proper names… denote the individuals who are called by them; but they do not indicate or imply any attributes as belonging to those individuals… A man may have been named John, because that was the name of his father; a town may have been named Dartmouth, because it is situated at the mouth of the Dart. But it is no part of the signification of the word John, that the father of the person so called bore the same name… If sand should choke up the mouth of the river, or an earthquake change its course, and remove it to a distance from the town, the name of the town would not necessarily be changed… Proper names are attached to the objects themselves, and are not dependent on the continuance of any attribute of the object.” (“Of Names”, p.33)