People face trade off


Greetings, This assignment is for the macroeconomics class (eco2013) I am being asked to write an economic paper with the following instructions, the paper is regarding the first principle of macroeconomics, “people face trade-off “. the professor wants us to follow a format of six paragraphs, where the first paragraph consists of a summary of the topic, “people face trade-off”, and is followed by four-paragraph and four different examples and its owns main sentences about ” people facing trade-off” and how it affects people, and the last paragraph which is the conclusion stating my point of view . ex: first paragraph: summary of the topic second paragraph: first supporting detail with examples third paragraph: second supporting detail with examples four paragraph: third supporting detail with examples fifth paragraph: four supporting detail with examples six paragraphs: conclusion/ point of view. Important to point out that the four developing paragraphs are about how trade-off affects people When it comes to grading he will be looking at : *precision *accuracy *linear logic *relevance