PC Build and Manual

 NOTE – this posting shows as “final” in file name but is accepted as a draft posting as it was received within the allocated time. Make any changes/corrections you wish then re-post as “final” for grading by the deadline date/time as shown at the end of these comments. Suggest showing what tools and ESD items look like. Too much narrative, not enough illustrations showing what you talk about. Missing show & tell about install of IO shield. Suggest adding this. How about showing & discussing standoffs and so called ‘fine thread’ screws required to affix board to case? Show locations where standoffs are installed in case. Connection of case wiring for power button, LEDs, etc is vague. Suggest improving this with images and discussions. For CPU – suggest showing as well as telling how to orientate CPU in socket, how socket unlocks/locks CPU, use of thermal paste, how to affix heat sink to board and connect CPU fan for power. Your Part 1 should end with RAM install but you seem to have pages that are out of place and belong in earlier sections. Regarding RAM – suggest showing as well as telling how to orientate RAM in slots by aligning notches in RAM with key in slots, how lock down mechanism work, how to identify RAM channels and how to choose preferred channels for RAM install. Missing required IEEE style citations in narrative that refer to references on References page. Should have 5+ references. I suggest to write this more emphatically from the viewpoint of an inexperienced person building a PC. Add supportive illustrations/pics. How would you want to see a manual if this person was YOU and you had NO EXPERIENCE? I think you should assume many readers of your work would likely be new to building a PC.