Parole: Early Release and Reentry

Parole: Early Release and Reentry.

Parole: Early Release and Reentry

Paper instructions:
Research Paper: Each student will write an original EIGHT page paper analyzing some aspect of corrections. Students will select a corrections issue and suggest how it is to be resolved or improved to enhance correctional operations. The research paper will give students the opportunity to analyze and write about a significant issue related to corrections. YOU MUST ADVISE THE INSTRUCTOR THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS ON YOUR TOPIC. The instructor MUST approve your topic.

The following is the outline expected for your papers:

A. Description of the issue or procedure that you select.
B. How you intend to analyze the problem

A. Description of the problems that exist that makes it less effective than possible.
B. Evidence of its ineffectiveness.

A. Suggested improvement and how it would be implemented.
B. Description of how this will improve the effectiveness of criminal investigations.


o EIGHT pages (Main Body) Research Paper, a minimum of 2000 words is REQUIRED.
o Proper grammar and spelling are REQUIRED and will be part of your grade.
o Paper is to be written in Microsoft Word ONLY, NOT VISTA or WPS or WPA in the APA format and have an Abstract, Main Body, Conclusion/Recommendations and Bibliography.
o ONLY one citation from your textbook and a minimum of four or more references from other resources. Do NOT give me all of your references from the internet or you will lose points.
o Paper must have a Cover Sheet, Abstract, and Bibliography (List of References). These three pages are NOT counted as part of the eight or nine pages for your paper.

o Paper cannot contain portions of papers you or someone else have previously submitted to this or any other institution.
o No more than 20% of other author’s work, publications, internet, journals, encyclopedias, etc. Your paper must be 80% original work or more specifically your words.
o Papers will be placed in the Assignment section of Blackboard. I will NOT accept papers attached to an email. Three days after due date, I will not accept papers.
o Author’s work used in your paper must be properly cited.
o Paper must have eight pages in MAIN BODY, not counting cover sheet and bibliography.


Parole: Early Release and Reentry

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