Paper Over “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner


The Research paper is a formal analysis which requires support for all claims in the form of outside academic secondary sources. The primary source will be the text you choose to write about. Begin by locating a short story, poem, or play that interests you from your textbook and about which you want to write and analyze some particular aspect. The process for writing a literary analysis is similar to writing the response paper except that you will focus on the text as a whole rather than a single aspect. The text you choose is your primary source. You will be required to use a minimum of three secondary sources (academic journal articles). To analyze means to unfold; to give a detailed explanation of; to develop the implications of; to examine logically. Use of short quotations from the text and from your secondary sources is required to support your own point; you must format all quotations correctly. The analysis will be graded on (1) choice of text, (2) content of your analysis, (3) mechanics—punctuation, grammar, spelling, and (4) adherence to MLA format. Your analysis should be no less than 1500 words in length (approximately 5-6 pages