Painting in De Young Museum

Painting in De Young Museum.

Painting in De Young Museum

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3 page type written, double-spaced description and visual analysis of a work of art at The Palace of the Legion of Honor, the De Young Museum, or MOAD.

I do not want you to conduct research or read labels at the museum. Do not provide

information about the artist, except for artist’s name, the title and date of the artwork. For this

assignment, you need to bring paper and a pencil with you to the museum to make notes about

your work of art. First, peruse the artwork and look for one that falls within the parameters of

this course: Western Art from the 18th century-20th

century and one that you want to spend time

pondering. Then, describe what you see in detail. Second, note the subject, if any, materials

employed, colors used, how space is constructed, the use of line, shapes, and shading. Think

about how all these formal aspects of the work of art contribute to the overall mood or impact of

the artwork. What emotions does the artwork evoke? Does it provoke any questions? Explain

why. When you sit down to write the paper, first provide the artist’s full name, the title of the

piece, which is italicized, and the date of the artwork. Do not assume I know what the artwork

looks like. The first page should be a detailed description. Describe it so vividly that I can

picture it in my mind. The second page should consist of analyzing the formal aspects of

the piece such as the artist’s use of color, line, shape, space, subject matter, etc. Are the lines

straight or undulating? Is the composition organized or chaotic? Are the colors bright, bold,

pastel, or muted? Does the artist employ foreground, middleground, and background space?

What does the artist emphasize? What jumps out at you? Now, for your third page, think

about how these various formal elements contribute to the overall mood of the piece and

how it affects you on an emotional and intellectual level. What’s the impact of the color,

the use of line, etc.?

Painting in De Young Museum

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