Our group selected ONE organisation- Banyan Tree Hotel group My part of this group work is MAJOR SECTION 2.0 SITUATION AUDIT Should be diagnostic rather than descriptive Focus on major issues Synthesi Archives

Assignment Requirements


Our group selected ONE organisation- Banyan Tree Hotel group

My part of this group work is
Should be diagnostic rather than descriptive

Focus on major issues

Synthesise information

Good use of diagrams/tables (as appropriate)

The SWOT follows detailed analysis of the situation and is a genuine summary of the situation audit

That’s the whole group work requirement:
The task
You have been asked to critically evaluate a business situation of an actual organisation and present a business case for a strategic growth option to the Chief Executive Officer. This is part of the scenario planning approach adopted by the organisation. The Board will evaluate strategic options based on different future scenarios. You are part of the Strategy Planning Team for your organisation. You will need to undertake a preliminary analysis of the situation and preliminary evaluation of the options and provide a report (2000 words is a guide). The attached guide provides information on the range of issues to be canvassed. (see marking guide). Stick to the task. In lectures/workshops and tutorials we will be practising some aspects of the process of analysis and how to determine an appropriate course of action from a set of options. Overall, you will need to:
• Undertake a ‘preliminary’ analysis of the situation facing the organisation, including a SWOT
• Incorporate ‘essential scenario’ information provided below
• Present your findings to the Chief Executive Officer in a formal written report

Scenario information
1. The first scenario issue is to assume that Corporate Social Responsibility is an increasingly important trend and that the organisation would want to take a leadership position. The world is fast embracing new ways of doing business through the debate on climate change and saving the planet. Businesses, worldwide, are responding. In this scenario, the Board has advised the Chief Executive Officer that CSR initiatives must be optimal for the organisation but that they must adopt a CLEAR CSR leadership position relative to direct competitors.

2. Second, your organisation has suggested a scenario of a non-organic growth strategy for 2015-6 and beyond. Thus, maintaining the status quo or cutting back is not desired. However, the Board has left it open whether this should be a high growth strategy or something lower depending upon market conditions prevailing through 2014 and beyond. In addition, the scenario requires a growth commitment to a stronger presence in Asia. The Board has signalled that any growth must be in Asia- Pacific (includes Australia) .

3. The final scenario assumption is that your organisation has received a serious proposal from three potential partners (IMG , Village Road show and GPT). Details of all three organisations will be provided. Thus you will explore options relating to partnering one of these three organisations. That is you must evaluate non-organic growth options for each of these three organisations and select the best option.

Thus you need to argue the merits of each option. You also need to show how you reduced the list of possible non-organic growth options down to the final three (for example, you could consider mergers, acquisitions, or other non-organic growth options initially). That is, you should list six reasonable options out of the large number of possible options first, briefly show how you narrowed this to the last three, and then evaluate the last three in detail.. All options must incorporate growth. Methods of growth cannot be organic. Purchase of other organizations MUST be realistic.

Internal details of three potential partner companies are provided together with an external environmental scan. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNDERTAKE AN EXTERNAL SCAN.

However, you do need to conduct an internal scan on YOUR organization.

You will also be required to analyse all data for your situation audit and SWOT.


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