Organic vegetable

 Note: 3500words -Please use main information from “healthy snack report” to write assignment task2 -You also can find more information from the internet to support the report. -Pls follow the instruction from the outline Task2 1. Draw and justify the layout of the production facility to produce the product. 2. Describe and discuss supply management and logistics issues on the organisation and supply chain. 3. Describe and discuss quality issues on the organisation. 4. Describe and discuss production capacity issues on the organisation and supply chain. 5. Describe and discuss inventory management issues throughout the supply chain for the organisation. 6. Describe and discuss supply chain information system issues on the organisation and supply chain. 7. Critically think about, describe and discuss the potential impacts of disruptive change, Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology development (for example, 3D Printing and the rise of micro-factories), the‘circular economy’, and shifting geo-political power and alignments on the supply chain. 8. Changes with justification to the original design in Assessment 1.