Opinion Writing / Letter to the Editor

 “While journalists reporting the news try to present information in an unbiased fashion, sometimes the public seeks opinion and analysis of complicated issues that affect various populations differently, like healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act. This type of coverage may come in the form or editorials, commentaries, Op-Ed columns, and blogs. These forums allow the editorial staff and informed columnists to express a personal belief and attempt to persuade. If opinion writers are trusted by the public, they have influence.” – page 295, Krutz, G. S. (2017). American Government. Houston, TX: Rice University. Please write a short or expanded letter to the editor or an OPED piece using the guidelines presented by the Miami Herald. You will submit this electronically via Canvas. An “A” paper is one that is ready to be submitted to the Editor for consideration. It is ok to obtain feedback from your friends and colleagues and incorporate their suggestions into your final submission. There are numerous sources of information to guide you on how to write a letter to the editor (short or expanded) or an Opinion-Editorial including this short video. How to Write a Letter to the Editor (Links to an external site.) How to Write a Letter to the Editor The Miami Herald shared their guidance below. You can write any of the three types. I hope you will pick one that you can submit to the Herald for consideration.