ompare and contrast the account of “Kate” (Russell, 1986) with the account of “Pete”

Child abuse


Paper details:

1. Provide a solid definition of “incest” [include the citation for your source]. 2. Perception Question: (a) Compare and contrast the account of “Kate” (Russell, 1986) with the account of “Pete” (Armstrong, 1978). (b) How do these two accounts help us to understand the difference in perceptions of “natural” interactions between fathers and daughters? 3. Think Critically: If “Camille” (Russell, 1986) was in therapy with Sigmund Freud and she told him about her sexual experiences with her father; then, how would he likely conceptualize her reports of incest? Carefully explain by referring to two of the assigned readings. [include appropriate in-text citations]. 4. Define “overlaying.” In England in the 1600s—1800s: which day of the week had the greatest number of reports of overlaying? Why? [include appropriate in-text citations]. 5. Other than incest, please list and explain three forms of child sexual abuse battery that were discussed in this week’s readings. [include appropriate in-text citations]. Don’t copy the question just answer the question using the material that I attached below. Use quote also from the tex