oed reflection

Write an OED reflection regarding the following:

Novel: Lolly Willows by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Word: “decline”

Quote: “…Laura would pleasantly frighten herself with the thought of Emma’s ghost coming back to make music with cold fingers, stealing into the empty drawing-room as noiselessly as she had done. But Emma’s was a gentle ghost. Emma had died of a decline, and when she lay dead with a bunch of snowdrops under her folded palms a lock of her hair was cut off to be embroidered into a picture of a willow tree exhaling its branches above a padded white satin tomb. ‘That,’ said Laura’s mother, ‘is a heirloom of your great-aunt Emma who died.’ And laura was sorry for the poor young lady who alone, it seemed to her, of all her relations had had the misfortune to die.”(Page 12).

Check attachment for instruction and sample.

Word limit: approx. 300 words