Observe and study people over how they interact at a public event.

Observation essay – Times New Roman Font, 12-point font, and one-inch margins. – Write about the observations you notice when studying people in real life public events, similar to what an ethnographer does. – Preferably an event that has enough activity so there can be enough observations. – The point of this paper is to get a taste of what an ethnographer does by observing in the field and typing up these observations. – What is the space like? Give a general picture of the site you are observing. – Who is present at this site? Go into detail.. Sex/race/ethnicity, approx. number of people. – How is this event structured? Outside or inside? Time of day? Scheduled event? – What interactions do you observe? Do “insiders” interact with “outsiders”? Is there any body language or non-verbal cues being used? – How are you situated in this social setting? To what extent do you choose to interact with participants? How do people react to you?