Nutrition and Digestion

Do an analysis of the food you eat, and things you drink. You may use any site you like, but the one at is a good starting place. Evaluate your intake for the day and write a report on it. Answer the following questions. What did you eat? What was the portion size? (I won’t judge, I promise) Make a table and in it include: Calories, Protein, fat, sodium, fiber. Write a conclusion including: What surprised you? What would be one thing you would like to change after tracking your intake? Anything that you were happy to see? Intake for one day: September 7th – 1 bottle of water (11:00a.m.) -2 Burritos (potatoes and eggs) (12:00p.m.) -less than 10 Wheat thins (12:30p.m.) -Classic iceberg salad (lettuce, carrots,red cabbage, 1 crushed Ritz cracker, and 1 slice of tomato) (4:56p.m.) -half a glass of Lipton green tea (5:07p.m.) – 1/4 cup of 4% milk fat minimum cottage cheese, shredded beef *2 servings* about 2/3 cup total, *2 servings* about 1/2 cup of whole beans