Nursing informatics

write a 2-3 page essay about nursing informatics. The essay will contain correct APA formatting and must include a minimum of six references consisting of two newspaper articles, two journal articles, one textbook, and one website. The essay will also consist of a title page, abstract, and references page (total pages will be either 5 pages or 6 pages). Explanation for grading the essay follows: Grading Components Essay (15 points) Essay Content (12 points) 1) Abstract summarizing the essay 2) What is nursing informatics (define and give examples)? 3) Discuss pedagogical theories that incorporate evolving technology for the advanced practice nurse. 4) Discuss the effect of technology in advanced practice nursing and describe the role of the nurse as knowledge worker. 5) Identify two types of information technology used within healthcare settings (e.g. electronic health records, telehealth, etc.) 6) Give specific examples of how computer technology can be used to support decision making, coordination of care, nursing education, patient education and evidence based practice 7) Discuss how generational, and social issues influence the use of computer technologies. 8) Discuss an experience of using informatics/technology to evaluate nursing outcomes, and assist your patients/clients to manage within a complex health delivery system 9) Clarity: (1 point) a. Mechanics: Correct sentence structure, grammar, and appropriate capitalization.