nrse 4530 written paper genetic family history assessment

  • Written Assignment-This week you will complete a genetic/genomic nursing assessment using the information found in the text on page 224 Box 8-7 in the 6th edition OR page 198, Box 7-7 in the 5th edition. You will not create a family tree; instead, write out the assignment in APA format and address the items in box 8-7 or 7-7. The paper will cover:
  • Identify 3 generations of one family (male/female, age, role in the family such as son/daughter, father/mother, grandmother/grandfather). If both individuals of each generation are not covered, points will be deducted. For this week’s genetic family history assignment, you will need to discuss your own family or a friend’s family to complete the assignment.
    • Brief health history of each family member. Focus on any/all genetic diseases that may be present or those for which family members may be at risk
    • Complete reproduction history for relevant above identified family members
    • Describe ethnic backgrounds of family members
    • Identify any growth and development variations
    • State to what extent each family member understands the causes of their health problems
    • Relate what questions family members may have about potential genetic risks
    • Describe nursing intervention strategies the family health nurse should relate to your selected family based on the obtained assessment
      • Must include 4 references, 2 must be from course materials and 2 from peer reviewed references. As we are aware in week 2 there are multiple required/recommended references that are out of the date range, you may use these references without point deduction as they are course materials
      • Reference must be no older than 5 years (2014-2020—due to only being January) unless course material.
      • Suggested headings have been added to guide you in structuring of your work
      • 4 point per day deduction for late assignments

Suggested Headings

Title of Paper (centered, not bolded)

Family Members and Health History (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization of each word)

Family Members Ethnic Background, Reproductive History, & Growth and Development (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization of each word)

Family Understanding of Genetic Health Risks (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization of each word)

Genetic Health Risk and Nursing Intervention Strategies (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization of each word)

Conclusion (if you choose to use this heading it would be centered, bolded) but it is preferred to simply state…In conclusion, at the beginning of the paragraph