Novice mental health nurse

novice mental health nurse – will regular clinical supervison help to gain confidence to confront physical aggesion Novice mental health nurse – will regular clinical supervision help to gain confidence to confront physical aggression OR participate in physical restraints. Formulate a research question, devise a plan to answer it, and develop a proposal for the research. A research proposal is a complete outline of what it is the researcher wishes to do. Your proposal should include the following: •Proposal title: Make this short, descriptive and no more than 10-12 words; the title should explain succinctly what the project is about. •Abstract: This must be no longer than 250 words; word count will be strictly enforced. It should include a statement of the problem, the aims and methods, and the significance of your proposed study. •Introduction/background and critical literature review: Briefly describe the background to your study (i.e. how the idea arose) with appropriate references. Describe your search strategy and provide a critical review of the relevant literature of no more than 1,500 words. •Research aim, objectives or hypothesis: clearly identify the research problem to be investigated and state the research question or hypothesis as appropriate. Explain the significance of your study. •Research design: Discuss the methodology or design you plan to use for the study, with justification, including a brief discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of this approach. Detail the planned research processes, including: the conceptual framework for the study (if appropriate); setting; the sample (including size and inclusion/exclusion criteria); procedures for recruitment; data that will be collected and procedures for collecting those data. Include any instruments you plan to use to collect data (where applicable), or a list of the proposed interview questions (if interviews are to be conducted). All sections must be referenced using sources specific to the methodology/design (NB general research texts are NOT specific references). Provide a project timetable (timeline or Gantt chart). Identify the limitations of the study. •Analysis: Describe, using methodology-specific references, how you intend to analyse the data collected and how you will demonstrate validity, reliability and/or trustworthiness (as appropriate). Additionally, if you propose to use software, please clearly identify which software will be used and why. •Ethics: Discuss the ethical issues relevant to your proposed study and the procedures you will follow to ensure the research is conducted ethically. •Dissemination of findings: Outline how you propose to share your findings with others. •Project funding: Provide a budget for your proposed study and justify the costs to be incurred. Suggest, with justification, at least one body or organisation to which the project could be submitted for funding. Provide a reference list using APA 6 edition format, for all literature cited in the assignment.