not enough apologies 1

provide very specific answers to all the questions below!


write minimum 50 words for the questions that need a more detailed answer!

Directions: Read the following questions. Watch the video Not Enough Apologies: Trauma Stories: Answer the questions with complete sentences where appropriate.

  1. What percent of incarcerated youth have experienced trauma?
  2. A child who has been traumatized may have a fight, flight, or freeze response which could result in what type of behaviors?
    • Fight:
    • Flight:
    • Freeze:
  1. ACEs stands for what?
  2. ACEs leads to toxic stress which can damage what?
  3. Extreme neglect can lead to what kind of changes in a child’s brain?
  4. What are some of the concerns of foster care and treatment centers?
  5. What does “switching the lens” mean?
  6. Give at least one key to healing childhood trauma.
  7. The trauma care cycle emphasizes s________.
  8. Repeated out-of-home placements result in more what?
  9. What are “positive touches” at the Menominee Elementary School?
  10. How can teachers and community members help address trauma?
  11. What age group are the largest population removed from parents due to abuse or neglect?
  12. What is a sign of toxic stress in babies?
  13. What is some advice for adults working with traumatized children?