Networking part assignment

Q1.Users are having trouble connecting to Internet hosts. You suspect there is a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS) server and want to verify this. What troubleshooting step can you take to determine whether the DNS server is resolving Internet host names? Some of the potential solutions are given below: Please select the appropriate solution and justify your answer. [25 marks]
a.    Issue the Winipcfg command from a local workstation.
b.    Try to connect to an Internet host using the Internet Protocol (IP) address instead of the IP host name
c.    Ping the DNS server to see if it is functioning.
d.    Use the traceroute command to test the functionality of the DNS server
Q2. Describe the basic protocols and modes of IPSec operation and their fundamental difference. [25 marks]
Q3. Identify two potential problems with using packet switching on a network. Explain your answer. [25 marks]

Q4. You are the administrator of a small network. You recently installed a network interface adapter in one of the computers. The user of this computer says he can’t access the network now. You need to isolate the problem. Put the following troubleshooting steps in the correct order to indicate how you would go about isolating the problem. Explain your answer.
a. Open the computer and verify that the network interface adapter is firmly seated. Reseat the network interface adapter by pressing it down firmly. If the problem persists, remove the network interface adapter, clean the slot, and reinstall it in the same slot. If the problem persists, install the network interface adapter into a different slot that you know is functioning.
b. Check the cable connections. Make sure they are firmly attached to the network interface adapter and hub. If the problem persists, plug a different cable that you know to be good into an existing jack; then plug a different patch cable into another jack that you know to be working.
c. Verify that the appropriate drivers are installed on the computer for the operating system type you are using.
d. Verify that the resource configuration for the network interface adapter and driver match and that there are no resource conflicts with other devices in the computer.
e. Use diagnostic software to test the network interface adapter’s functionality. [25 marks]

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