Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

Case Study: you are asked to imagine that you represent a client (i.e.a specific individual in a key stakeholder group) in a contentious issue that is being or will soon be negotiated. the issue is to be one of your own choosing, real or imaginary and should be one which can closely and personally relate to, ideally from your professional or career activity, though that is not essential but conflict that has in reality already been resolved is not acceptable for this exercise. Describe the background to the conflict in a brief note- who are the parties, who else is involved, what is the issue, what is at stake? Analyze the conflict from two perspectives based on the prescribed reading References: 1. the Causes of Conflict that Moore describes in Fig. 2.1 The Meditation Process 2. Beyond Machiavelli. List possible causes and note briefly your thoughts on which of them are most likely to be at play in this scenario. Last, how you might approach negotiatiing the issue and explain why you think that is the case.