need 3 answer 5 page apa format

Question 1 – Chapter 1 Why Project Management? type a two page paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in project management.

Question 2 :- type at least two peer replies in response to your classmates posts (200 word minimum each). I will provide this part once I will submit my part so i will give 24 hours to answer this question.

Question 3 :- What roles do traditional process management duties of planning, organizing, and controlling play in project management, if any?

in essay form. This is to be in narrative form. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to project management. This does not mean blogs or websites. This source should be a published article in a scholarly journal.