National Response Framework (NRF) and National Incident Management System (NIMS)


Module 1 SLP – NRF/NIMS – Assignment (You are the City EM) Choose a city and venue. Profile the venue including number of people it will hold 71,000 for football but has a capacity of 81,000. Who owns it- the state of GA but its operated by the AMB group. Who provides security and traffic control during events (Private Security or Local Law Enforcement). Use the venue’s web-site as a reference. Include your venue’s schedule of events for the selected month (at least one per week). MLS game on Sept 21st, NFL game on Sept 29th Profile the closest hospital (Emory University Hospital Midtown), including Trauma Level (Level 1), number of beds (511), who owns the hospital Managed by Cousins Properites), and who provides security for the facility( has own public safety dept. and local LE). If the closest hospital is not a Level I Trauma Center, do the same profiling for the closest hospital that is a Level I Trauma Center. Present maps/charts and photos of the locale, venue, and nearest hospital(s). Using your selected city/county websites, profile the Law Enforcement Agencies responsible for responding to the venue and selected hospital(s). Do the same for Fire Departments and EMS services. Describe or list the special response teams each agency has – SWAT, Bomb Squads, Tactical EMS, etc. Based on the NRF ((a) engaged partnership; (b) tiered response; (c) scalable, flexible, and adaptable operational capabilities; (d) unity of effort through unified command; and (e) readiness to act), describe and summarize how you would prepare for such an incident at the state/city level. Use the following NIMS Cycle to describe your preparedness activities for both the venue and hospital, as well as the local response agencies (see Point out the priorities in your plan. Image provided by FEMA. SLP Assignment Expectations Assignments should be 3-5 pages double-spaced, not counting the cover or reference page. Paper format: (a) Cover page, (b) Header, (c) Body. Submit your assignment by the last day of this module. Relevance—All content is connected to the question. Precision—Specific question is addressed. Statements, facts, and statistics are specific and accurate.