N-gram Visualization



Select one of the key words or terms from the module’s lecture topics (e.g. Convivencia, Emancipation, Citizenship,

Democratisation, Decadence, Decolonization, Postcolonialism, Hybridity, )*(Please use Citizenship’ as the key word of


Do a Google N-Gram Visualisation of your word for a chosen time period. Briefly explain (max 300 words) what the N-Gram

dataset is based on and how that shapes the result; how does visualisation and attendant data contribute to your

understanding of the term

Using at least 3 different Reference Works of your choice (Dictionaries of Current Language, Etymological Dictionaries,

Historical Dictionaries, Thesauruses, Historical Thesauruses, Concordances, Corpora databases, Encyclopedias, )

summarise (max 300 words) what you can learn and conclude about the word, term or concept, its origins, changing meaning

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