Movie: 50 First Dates

Movie: 50 First Dates.

After watching the movie, you will write a three page, double spaced paper about the movie. This paper should separate the good scientific information from the cinematic liberties that are taken with the facts of how amnesia/memory occurs and operates. Be sure to reference your textbook and lectures to support your observations/compliments/criticisms. Make sure you are explicit in your descriptions. Simply stating this movie is an accurate illustration of retrograde or anterograde amnesia is not enough. You must get into detail about why the movie does a good or poor job at accurately depicting what we know about amnesia AND the structure of human memory. Use examples of behavior from the movie and relate it directly to information you’ve learned from the course. This paper is not meant to be a movie review or a synopsis of the film (outside of what you need to explain in order to show how memory is portrayed in the film). I need at least 2 sources and one of them should be the following: -Reisberg, D. (2018). Cognition: Exploring the science of the mind. 7th Edition.