Monotheistic/Abrahamic Traditions

Monotheistic/Abrahamic Traditions (Master Paper)

1. Monotheism ( 2. Three Religions: One God 3. Abrahamic Religions 4. Monotheism Comparison 5. Differences and Similarities between the 3 Monotheistic Religions Create a one-page document on a topic that they feel they have “mastered” (learned excellently) because of this course. The paper must be research and fact-based, and contain at least one color image (unless none exist on this topic). The format must be an academic journal style paper, and not a traditional college-style research paper. The document must include a title and the author’s (student’s) full name, which must be appropriately incorporated in the one-page.The end result must look like a published page of a scholarly journal. The one-page document must be Wow! – Intelligent to the mind, and beautiful to the eyes. The bottom of the paper must include the resources,