module 2 final project part i milestone one swot analysis and discussion 1

Complete the assignment as follows:

Using the Milestone One SWOT Template provided, conduct a SWOT for the pet supply store’s new product. Consider how this information can help to develop the marketing strategy. You will post your SWOT to the discussion topic as an image. Review this tutorial for assistance with saving your slide as an image and uploading an image to the discussion. In your post, discuss which of the product’s strengths you will be leveraging in your marketing activities. In addition to your SWOT matrix image, include one to two paragraphs describing how the company could use this information to develop marketing strategies and activities. Use specific details and examples.

In your response posts to your classmates, discuss how the company’s threats or weaknesses could affect your classmates’ proposed marketing activities.

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Then will need AT LEAST 2 RESPONSES on classmates posts. They will be posted when tutor is selected.

This is what I turned in for this project last week.

The name of a product can be a primary factor in the decision of the consumer to buy the product. For that reason, the name of this product will be fanciful enough to emphasize the specific ingredients of the product. The name of the product is “Organic Mini dog treats”. The first word on the name of the product indicates that the product consists of organic ingredients. The three words therefore show that this product’s design does not have artificial chemicals. The specification that the product is a dog treat provides more emphasis on the type of product being produced by the company. This name is therefore derived from the nature of ingredients that are in the treats. The “mini” in the name further describes the type of treats being sold by the company in terms of the size. This product is specially formulated with low fat and also includes vitamins to keep the pet in good health. The name of the product is longer because it is aimed at providing a brief description of the product. It is also simple and understandable because it is the first thing that the customer interacts with.

The name of this product is essential when it comes to the appeal of the customer. The choice of a name is so important because it provides a carryover effect, primarily when the customers can associate with different quality products (Armstrong et al., 2014). It is also essential because it helps customers to associate with the same family brand. It is also important because it sums up what a product is all about. The name dictates the first impression that the customers will have on the product. (Armstrong et al., 2014) notes that the name plays a critical role in the growth and perception of the company; it can break or make the company.


Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., & Kotler, P. (2014). Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia.