Module 05 Group Case Study

To get started with the Group Case Study, review theGroup Case Study Introductionlocated inModule 02.The purpose of this module’s Group Case Study is to give you experience in preparing career and life plans and providing feedback to other classmates.Create a document that aIDresses the following prompts:Prepare a set of career life goals. The list can include school, career, professional, personal, and relationship goals.List important accomplishments or happenings. Include peak experiences, things that have made you feel happy or satisfied, and times when you felt most alive or “real.”Comment on your team members’ lists. Make comments about whether goals are realistic, how you understand the priorities, and look for conflicting goals.Prepare a brief plan of action specifying how to get from where you are to where you want to go.Make an aIDitional comment in the discussion about the usefulness of this exercise. The team leader will compile the comments and turn a document in that summarizes the main points.