Mod4 Discussion – What do you think Now

How has your opinion of good instructional design and training changed?
Let’s revisit the Module 01 Discussion. Take the example of training you used there. Explain if and how your opinion of that video’s training has changed. Is this training effective or ineffective and why? And how has your definition of effective training changed over the course of the term? Be sure to be detailed and provide specific examples.

MOD1 Discussion Post:

The employees in the training video on go through numerous training techniques. The training is valid because it is helping the employees acquire knowledge and skills, which will enable them to perform well in their jobs; therefore more profits. They first go through interactive training incorporating group discussions. Through discussions, the more knowledgeable employees pass essential informational skills to the new hires. Discussions are a part of a technique to allow open communication between the trainer and the trainees. The new workers then go through hands-on training. Experimental training empowers on numerous techniques including but not limited to coaching. Coaching focuses on the individual requirements of a worker, and the coaches are mostly the supervisor, veteran employees or the manager. Apprenticeship is a step to providing the workers with an opportunity to shape inexperienced, and new hires (Noe, 2010). After the training, the trainees can now fit perfectly for the existing and future jobs. Hands-on training is advantageous in that the skills taught are applicable immediately to the workers jobs. Reference: Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee training and development. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Video: