MGT 527 Week 6 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan Part Three

This pack of MGT 527 Week 6 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan Part Three shows the solutions to the following points:

Revise and apply feedback as appropriate for Part One and Part Two. Include these revised sections in your final submission.Describe the applicable functional areas of business. Refer to your University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business Chart from Week Three. Anticipate areas of potential client resistance and address how to overcome this resistance.Identify potential resistance points in the process, and name the type of resistance expected.Determine the cause of the resistance.Identify potential responses to overcome the resistance.Address the implementation phase including implementation tools you would use.Identify the change process necessary.Identify how to support that change.Identify tools for successful implementation of this particular change.Discuss components necessary for an engaged implementation phase.Identify methods for engaged implementation.Identify support necessary for engaged implementation.Write an executive summary of the Consulting Project Plan in no more than 1 page.Include a high-level overview of the project, and highlight the most important points.Include the executive summary as the first page of your Consulting Project Plan.

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