mental illness

mental illness
Essay question: Some studies suggest that women are far more likely to experience mental illness than men. Thinking sociologically, how
might this correlation be understood?

Sociology 1B: Managing Normality €“ Essay questions

Worth: 40% of yourfinal mark

Please keep in


In orderto receive amark forthis essay, you MUST submit a hardcopy to yourtutor and an e copy to
Turnitin on WebCT (Blackboard). The

hardcopy MUST have a statement of authorship attached.

The purpose ofthis essay isto demonstrate your engagement with the ideas andmaterial

in the unit,so draw in asmuch as possible to formulate yourwork. You are encouraged to research
more widely than the set

unitmaterials, but note that ANESSAY WHICHISNOT BASEDONUNIT


While questionsmay require you

to present examplesto support your argument, you are being

assessedmainly on your ability to think sociologically €“ so be sure to present

a sociological argument

supported by examples, not a heap of examples connected by a few lines ofsociology!

Marks will be deducted

forfailure to reference fully inHarvard style, proofread or provide a full

bibliography. These are all easy detailsto address,so

don’tlosemarks needlessly.

You are advised to pick a question and create an essay plan assoon as possible so that you have
plenty oftime

to query and clarify anything you don’t understand.

In addition to any relevant essentialreadings you will also need to do

additionalresearch forthis

essay. Make sure you use sociologicalsources and feelfree to use readingsfromSociology 1A.
Lecture notes are not

a valid research source,so please do not quote orreference them.

Studentstend to write and think best when they are interested in whatthey

are researching. Try to

choose a question,some examples and an angle that you find interesting!

Major essay

The major essay will offer

students an opportunity to demonstrate their engagement with the course overall while
focusing on an aspect of study which has been of


Assessment criteria

A satisfactory completion of assignment requires:

an engagement with major course themes
ability to use reading material effectively in academic writing
an ability to construct and substantiate an argument clearly
written expression
full and correct referencing, presented in Harvard Style

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