Medication Safety Case Study

 Click on the link below and read the article. • Answer the questions. Include the question on your document. • Upload the answers to the questions by 1800 on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 Questions: 1) Summarize the Institute of Medicine’s Quality Chasm Report in one paragraph. Include statistics. 2) Define a medication error. 3) Where do medication errors occur? 4) What is an adverse drug event (ADE)? 5) Describe what a high alert medication is. 6) Describe the impact of error prone processes. 7) List and define types of medication errors. 8) How do working conditions facilitate medication errors? What do you feel can be done to fix the conditions? 9) Reporting medication errors. How and why should this be done? Why is it important? 10) What is an incident report. Why does it need to be completed and submitted? 11) List examples of working conditions that have an impact on medication administration safety. 12) How do policies and procedures protect the nurse? 13) How does communication affect medication error rates. How should communication happen in nursing? 14) Describe the effects of human factors on medication administration and how they contribute to errors. 15) What changes are underway to decrease the rate of medication errors in health care systems in the United States?