Medical School Personal Statement

Medical School Personal Statement.

Medical School Personal Statement Medical School Personal Statement

Since childhood I had always been amazed by the power of physicians to treat ailing patients and restoring their health back to normalcy. As a result I have always had great interest in the medicine and my passion for medical field was heightened when I was barely eight years and my mother was involved in a terrible car accident. The attending physician strived tirelessly to restore my mother’s health and she was well again, his devotion and aggressiveness greatly helped to ease my worries about her health.  This incidence greatly impressed me and made me to be initially attracted to the medical field by imparting a strong desire to me towards becoming a physician so that one day I could be in a position to save peoples’ lives through my medical services.

As a potential student in the medical school, I will always strive to ensure that I am a tremendous asset by devoting the entire of my time and life towards ensuring that I become an exceptional physician. I also strongly believe that it is my obligation to always ensure that I utilize my talents in a manner that is constructive and beneficial to the society. Hence I am convinced beyond any doubt that the medical career is the only profession which can give me that unique opportunity of expressing my talents while at the same time serving the humanity through saving lives as a result of offering my compassionate medical services to people suffering from varied ailments.

Once B. Berston M.D. was quoted saying that the funny thing which happens to medical students is that, they forget holding conversations. However, I believe that effective communication is very essential for a successful career in the medical field and I believe that my exceptional communication skills suit me better to pursue a medical career. As the president and co-founder of the York University branch of the international charitable organization Make Poverty History, I tremendously improved my communication skills since this position involved constantly meeting people who were new to me and discussing varied topics. However, since this role also involved discussing various relevant topics with different people, I also learned not only to be an excellent conversationalist, but also an exceptional listener. While I possess strong background in biomedical sciences necessary for a successful career in the medical field, I also consider myself selfless and devoted to serving others a character which made me to volunteer at Southlake Hospital emergency department where I offered my services in the attempt to reach out to the sick people.

In medical school, I am also planning to pursue my quench to multitask by doing side work of providing education to other students as well as serving as a public resource. Among my most memorable and rewarding experiences was when I was a first years tutor in chemistry as well as acting as a teaching assistant in addition to serving as a marker for undergraduate biology courses. All through these experiences I have always managed to develop a good rapport with co-workers and the students. This makes me believe that I possess a talent for effectively teaching others in a manner that is conducive and friendly, crucial in helping them in easily grasping difficult concepts. As part of my medical career, I am aiming to continue pursuing teaching as well as providing essential information to the public on how to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases.

Highly motivated to pursue a career in the medical field I applied for admission in Ireland where I have recently been accepted to study medicine and will be attending that institution in September 2012. My unquenchable craving and passion to study medicine led me to seek for admission to study medicine abroad, but given my career goals of practicing medicine in the United States I would still much prefer to attend an American Medical School. As well, the extra experiences I will gain while living in Ireland is critical in helping me to effectively relate well with people from diverse cultures as well as gaining experiences in other health care settings which I can transfer as an essential contribution to the medical schools in the United States. Undoubtedly my skills and experience in cultural diversity which will be gained will be of great significance in allowing me to relate well with people from different origins by understanding their beliefs and ways of life. This is a quality that will be essential in helping me to work well with other medical staff as well as helping me to efficiently serve my patients from diverse backgrounds better in the future.

My interests in sciences led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology and my curiosity to discover new things and find out how things work at cellular level led me to pursue a Master’s degree in molecular biology. Striving to be at the top in my field has also been my aspiration and driving force, thus I have dedicated all my energy and enthusiasm towards my academic endeavors both research and studies over the recent past years. This enabled me to win two Master’s scholarships that are very competitive such as the Canadian Institutes of Health research Master’s award and the Ontario graduate scholarship. Consequently, I believe given an opportunity to purse medicine in your reputable institution will go a long way in refining my medical skills vital in medical field.

I have also gained extensive experiences in the field of research during my master’s degree program in molecular biology and I am undoubtedly convinced that research is very important for the progression of the medical field as well as advancing medical treatments for patients. My research capacity, experimental skills and creative thinking tremendously improved during my research project for my Master’s program which involved a clinical research on the effectiveness of surgery for treatment of small cell lung cancer. My good research work has enabled me to publish in two reputable journals including the Canadian Journal of Surgery on my research on the stress levels of Canadian surgical residents as well as my first author publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry on my work during my Master’s degree.

For me, success in medical field is only achievable through unraveling the mysteries of the diseases that continue to pester human beings while at the same time contributing to my patient’s well-being. Hence I have maintained my diligence in the pursuit of a career in medicine since I am convinced that this will offer me an opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilling life dedicated towards helping other people. Therefore, I will be entering medical field eager to learn knowledge crucial for helping others. I promise to be upholding and exceeding all the expectations of a future physician while at the same time promoting the progress of the medical field as a whole and humanity.


Medical School Personal Statement

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