math project

This is for high school 10th Algebra II

Semester DATE DUE:
Board Game December 5th, at the beginning of class.

Using information we have discussed throughout the semester, create a functional board game. The game must be of professional quality and functional! Select one, two, some, or all of the topics below to develop meaningful questions and/or statements for your game. Pay close attention to the requirements and rubric! IF ITS LATE, YOU WILL EARN TWO ZEROS AS A TEST GRADE!

Possible Topics (Anything from 1st Semester)
Apply Properties of Real Numbers 1.1 Use Properties of Exponents 5.1
Evaluate & Simplify Algebraic Expressions 1.2 Evaluate & Graph Polynomial Functions 5.2
Solve Linear Equations 1.3 AID, Subtract, & Multiply Polynomials 5.3
Rewrite Formulas & Equations 1.4 Factor & Solve Polynomial Equations 5.4
Use Problem Solving Strategies & Models 1.5 Apply the Remainder & Factor Theorems 5.5
Solve Linear Inequalities 1.6 Find Rational Zeros 5.6
Solve Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities 1.7 Apply the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra 5.7
Graph Quadratic Functions in Standard Form 4.1 Analyze Graphs of Polynomial Functions 5.8
Graph Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form 4.2 Write Polynomial Functions & Models 5.9
Check List RULES GAME PIECES GAME BOARD 40 Questions/Statements Questions Answer Sheet WRITE UP SELF GRADE Solve Quadratic Functions by Factoring 4.3
Solve Quadratic Functions by Factoring 4.4
Solve Quad. Func. By Finding Square Roots 4.5
Perform Operations with Complex Number 4.6
Complete the Square 4.7
Use the Quadratic Formula & the Discriminant 4.8
Graph & Solve Quadratic Inequalities 4.9
Write Quadratic Functions & Models 4.10

Write up
The name of the gameEducational objective of the game (purpose what do you want your players to learn?)Approximate time required to completeAppropriate grade level and/or other learner descriptionThe rules (keep them simple, clear, and straight-forward)
Appropriate Pieces
Game board (neat, organized, and functional)Game pieces (Contents)Player Cards(List of questions/statements & answers) MINIMUM of 40Must include a SEPARATE sheet of questions with answers or statementsOthers?

Select a theme to base your board game on (CandyLand, Monopoly, Clue, Life, Trouble)Map out your rules (complete the write up). Use the following questions as a STARTING POINT:What is the end goal of the game?How would the players win?What is the minimum and maximum number of players that can play?Is the game meant purely for enjoyment purposes, educational purposes, or a mixture of both?What are the pieces needed for the game? (Players markers, dice, cards, )Sketch a rough draft of the board layout. Create game pieces.Develop your questions and/or statements.Complete your game board.Put it all together Test & RETEST! Make sure your game is of good quality and FUNCTIONAL!Self-grade yourself by marking the rubric on the backside of this sheet. Turn this sheet in with your game. Lastly, complete check list in upper right hand corner!