mashup/remixes in class, design and merge together


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From our study of examples of mashup/remixes in class, design and merge together mashup/remixes in class, design and merge together
elements from two media objects.
Another important element of the assignment is to work within a Creative Commons
license, as discussed in class ( Research and select
the appropriate CC license for your project and state it with your remix. For examples of
how to do this, see remixes on various sites, e.g.
You should answer such questions as, Why did you choose to combine these elements
together? Is there any meaning or purpose to resulting mashup/remix, perhaps a message
or feeling?
There are many good examples of DIY mashups with strong political messages, and
others that concern aesthetic or emotional experiences. For example, see Again, as with previous projects, give yourself enough
time to test out a small number of variations of the remix to determine which is the most
This project must be designed for public dissemination. Choose a suitable platform on
which to release it, e.g. YouTube or Tumblr. The task is yours to choose appropriately and
monitor public reactions to it. Come up with strategies for getting your project seen as
broadly as possible! Track its success!

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