marketing plan

Topic: marketing plan

Subject: Marketing

Number of pages: 6

Writing style: APA

Type of document: Coursework

Academic level: Master

Number of sources/references: 6

Details: I study MBA program now, the professor of Marketing Management class require us to write a real marketing plan. I prepare to do my business that open a Chinese Bistro. It is the same one like PFChangs ( a chinese bistro in theU.S.A). My paper need to follow my additional assignment. Writer need to research PFChangs and analyze it. Writer can research any material about PFChangs but I need your reference. This paper just a part of my marketing plan so I will keep doing this marketing plan until finish it with the same writer. I mean, if writer accept this order, you have to writer another part of my marketing plan in the future. I need a writer good in American English.

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