marketing discussion 56

Week 2 Discussion


Discussion questions:

Watch the video on creating the SWOT analysis and answer the following questions.

Question one

  • Pick a company that you admire (and will be familiar to your colleagues) and provide one strength, one weakness, one opportunity and one threat. Explain this and provide your rationale for this statement.

Question two

  • In order to help you on your written assignments, it is important to know what plagiarism is and why it is not acceptable in your work. In your own words, describe plagiarism and how to avoid it in your written assignments. Also, what is Safe Assign and what is the value specific to plagiarism?

Question three

  • All academic writing is based on references. There is a difference in the quality of references that you will find. You are required to use peer-reviewed, academic references to support your work. In your own words, what is a peer-reviewed, academic reference and why is this necessary?