Supposing you are the chief manager in a distribution firm. How would you implement MIS in the organization?
Project description
should be a minimum 3-page analysis and must be supported by real world examples, peer-reviewed, and referred research citations and sources. Submissions MUST adhere to APA 6th edition standards for writing, formatting, and citations/references.

Consider the following components. These are only guidelines and some or all my apply in your discussions.

1. Identify nature of impact of MIS on people, organization and the management style? Illustrate the positive as well as negative impact.

2. Discuss the external and internal constraint of implementing MIS in an organization?

3. Show the relationship of organization effectiveness and management effectiveness to MIS?

4. Why does the organization structure and MIS differ from company to company even though they are in same business and industry?

5. Can quality of decision making be improved? Explain how it can be improved?