Macro-economics: Unemployment Academic Essay

1. Think about the three major types of unemployment (Frictional, Cyclical, and Structural). Identify the one you believe is the most crucial type of unemployment the President and the Federal Reserve should address. If you could only choose one to improve, which do you believe should be addressed by the US and why? 2. Consider which of the three types of unemployment you expect to impact you the most. Of the three types of unemployment, which one would affect you the most and what types of steps could be taken to address that type of unemployment? Explain why this type of unemployment would be your personal top priority. 3. READ & REFERNCE the below link when you write your essay. DOUBLE SPACED; 1 x PAGE; 4 x PARAGRAPHS2. Use TWO NEWS articles for your paper IN ADDITION to the ONE reference you HAVE to use given by the assignment question. SUMMARIZE in THREE sentences (for EACH article) what the article is about.3. Use ALL of the following VOCABULARY TERMS in your paper:labor force unemployment rate labor-force participation rate cyclical unemployment discouraged workers frictional unemployment structural unemployment efficiency wages collective bargaining4. BOLD the VOCABULARY TERMS & make them RED FONT in your writing.5. In ONE sentence, DEFINE the VOCABULARY TERMS; CLEARLY & CONSISELY somewhere in your writing.6. APA citing & formatting

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