We live in a world in which the range and variety of products from across the world which we consume are
taken for granted.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management have played a key role in allowing us an almost unlimited amount of
choice in the food and drinks we consume. Fresh fruit and vegetables from every continent are available in
Supermarkets. Clothing, electronic equipment and gadgets from China, Japan, Korea etc are available at prices
far lower in real terms than ever before.
Behind every one of these products is a Supply Chain, sometimes highly complex with flow of materials across
numerous continents and some relatively simple.

Assignment: Write about the products below:
(A cappuccino coffee (plus 2 sugars) purchased from a premium High St Coffee Shop. (Costa, Starbucks etc).)

Conduct a thorough analysis of the end to end supply chain of your chosen product and produce a management
report detailing the key activities and processes from growth and manufacture of all ingredients culminating
in the final purchase and disposal of packing by the consumer.

Assessment Strategy:
Your report should consider the Supply Chain from the following perspectives and in detail:
1. The Supply Chain and the linkages between products, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the
2. The value adding processes in the chain
3. The nature of the transforming processes in the chain
4. Where and how inventory is managed

The role that technology has within the supply chain:
1. Risks involved in the chain and how to minimise
2. The impact on the environment

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