Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Here are the new instructions for the paper:

1) the paper should be in 3 parts
2) the first section should introduce in detail various classes of IP traffic that traverse today’s IP networks. In technical terms Voice (UDP and TCP), data ( again both TCP and UDP), video ( in the sense multimedia). In this section technical protocls associated and various other cases should be detailed.
3) the previous section should lead towards a topic called load balancing, ( this will mark the second section) and F5 products and CISCO and Citrix products associated with this should be discussed in light of the first section and more. this section should detail the following and should follow the structure of the wikipedia link: ( please note that all should be included and this should be the most relevant section. Please do paraphrase the heading from the articles: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Load_balancing_%28computing%29
4) the third section should include a list of application and 1 case study associated which could be obtained from the Internet. ( in the context of unified communications and CLoud computing €“ but this can be no more than 5 €“ 6 pages.
5 ) conclusion
6) references

Please include table of contents but do not include a cover page.

Also please site references as both footnotes and endnotes.

Please post if in doubt or further questions arise.

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