LinkSys Corp Report

For this paper, your task is to watch the youtube video tutorial Product Tutorial: Linksys Basics In this quick tutorial, learn how to configure the Linksys wireless router. from LinkSys Corp. This is a pretty simple and basic but it will get you started and bring you up to speed quickly. Also use this tutorial: How Protocol Stacks Work. How Protocol Stacks Work Set youTube playback quality to HD and full screen for full enjoyment, or click here to watch in full quality: h… The more of the tutorial you can work through, the better; however, your grade is primarily dependent on how you approach the task and how much learning energy you put into it rather than specific output from the tutorial. Once you have completed your exploration of the tutorial, to finish the project for this module you are to prepare a 2- to 3-page report covering the following topics: what the tutorial teaches how good a job the tutorial does (include any of your personal experiences with it that might be relevant) who might find the tutorial useful how do you safeguard you home network?