Library Misson and Goals for School your choice-Essay

Identify a school and examine their mission and goals. Reflecting upon what you have read, write a mission statement and goals for the school’s library. Don’t merely copy what the library may already have. Include the name of the school and town in the title for the assignment.

Some tips for this assignment:

A mission statement needs to be concise and clear. It doesn’t get better by being long-winded, but it does take more effort on your part to write a good one that is brief. Give it some thought!

You should identify three to five goals that would help the library achieve its mission. Goals should be SMART*:

· Specific – who, what , where, why, and how. Just like the first paragraph of a newspaper article, in one sentence.

· Measureable – basically, how will I know if we achieved it? I might count something or take a survey, for example.

· Attainable – let’s be realistic. I’d like to teach the world to sing – but that ain’t gonna happen! However I could increase parent contacts by 10%.

· Relevant – teaching the world to sing is neither attainable nor relevant. Ask this: How is this goal going to help us achieve the library’s mission?

· Time-bound – Set a realistic deadline, and milestones for steps leading up to the goal if it is a larger, more complicated goal.

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