Legal Concepts and Risk Management – Risk Management

 Discussion Question #5 Responses from Classmates Instructions to the Writer Discussion Posts Responses to Classmates: Instructions: a) Respond to the two (2) attached discussion posts from (2) classmates. See the attached document for the (2) classmates discussion post. b) Each writer (PC & JD) has already written his/her viewpoint regarding the discussion post topic. c) Provide your viewpoint or opinion of the writer’s Discussion post. d) See the attached document to use as an example when responding to the discussion post. When writing the two responses, please use the students name, i.e., PC of JD opposed to the “student.” e) You are to engage with the writer in your response. Your response to the writer’s post should be a positive response. f) In your analysis, look to the discussion/expand on the topic discussed g) Explore an issue related to the discussion post. h) The written post should be double spaced, APA format, Times Roman, Font size 12. Provide at least three references for each written post response. The references should be different for each discussion response and should be on a separate page, other than the one double spaced page for the written response to the 2 discussion questions. i) NOTE: You will write the (2) discussion responses on separate pages. That is one page, Double spaced for each Discussion Response j) NOTE: Please read the Module 5 Discussion Question Assignment.