Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Identify the basic components of the American Legal System.

Describe legal compliance laws addressing public and private institutions.

Identify risk analysis and incident response procedures.

Assignment Requirements

In this assignment you will continue work on the IT Security and Compliance Policy Document

that you started last week in which you assessed risk. Now, complete Part 2 as directed below.

Part 2: Overview of Compliance

Part 2 of your IT Security and Compliance Policy Document will include the following sections:

 An overview of Compliance with each of these laws in your current organization or the

example you have been working with

o SOX http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/sarbanes-oxley.htm

 What critical steps does your current IT Security Compliance Policy lack?

 What measures and processes do you have in place (hardware, software, people, and

training) to ensure your business can reach compliance?

Submission Requirements

File Format: Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx)

APA Style (Review Standards for APA in Student Portal)

Length: 3-5 pages

Font: Arial 12 point size

Line Spacing: Double

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